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Monthly Archives: September, 2012

Barfi and Life

So Recently I saw this famous over-hyped film Barfi.The film is simple yet there is something strange when the love is considered.The film says that its fair to love someone until its gone and … Continue reading

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Return Back from the mess

Ever since I fear for something or sad of something I feel like losing faith on myself and try to be lazy,sleepy. Then I comeback,I change my routines. I listen … Continue reading

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Life of an Honest Dog -Puppy

I am a dog lover,more than a cat lover.So writing this post as a sign of respect to this great dog .So this dog was one of the most honest … Continue reading

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A True Story

A true story:He lived his life. He saw his Mom’s broken head . He saw that his mom’s body is then fully covered by blood. He then couldn’t do anything. … Continue reading

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Serene Bangalore Evening

So Then I reached to a serene place, Top of my office rooftop I saw the whole view of Bangalore. I realized Bangalore has got a serene life too.. Life … Continue reading

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Bangalore Autowalas

Mixed breed of people. Some are nice. Some are the worst. My experiences:  I got down from the bus in Jayanagar 4th block and wanted to go to  Jayanagar  1st block. … Continue reading

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The Girl and Agyrophobia –The fear of crossing the road

Well today morning,I saw a girl who was trying to cross the road. Heavy traffic indeed.Well she was really struggling to cross the road but somehow she managed to do … Continue reading

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Coffee Day Blogging

So Coffee day blogging is good.My First time Coffee day blogging  and i am feeling good. people gone crazy here.. busy chitchatting.. soft music… rains outside.. and Mangalore indeed .. what more … Continue reading

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