2 ladies beaten up by 4 men while 200 people are watching

Today I saw this brutal video and was shocked for 10 mins. Urged me to write this post..

Watch this!

Link here.

Two ladies were trashed by 4 people while 200 people are watching.

I am not sure what crime did that ladies do. what made these bastards hit her.. But one thing is sure. India is the worst if you just think of yourself.

This looks like it happened in Tamil Nadu but this can happen anywhere

Why not we join our hands together and help those people in need. If at all at least 30 people had come to the spot to beat the 4 gundas.I am pretty sure nobody dared to complain the police and definitely if they did police would have reached after everything is done.

Lets stand united for our sisters in this country.

Lets promise this wont happen again.



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