Caste and Bloody Politics:Raise above humanity please

Just saw Times of India’s article “Upper castes rule Cabinet, backwards MoS” .
Read the article here:

Its really sad to see that people still talk about caste/religion and race. Journalism has come to this low because of the people who still give attention to these ignorable things.In the earlier days, Caste in every religion was made to distinguish people based on what work they do but its no more logically correct now as no Kshatriya is fighting for his King’s empire or not all Brahmin is just sitting in temple.
Well, we cannot protect our sisters from rape, what fight are we talking about.
Take positive things of your caste and religion and unfollow the negative one’s. We all have condemned ‘Sati Ritual’ or Jihadist Terror attacks. isn’t it?
Present day, name the person’s caste by how much evil he is to society. Call his caste name as Rapist caste, Criminal caste, Corrupt caste and terror caste But please don’t call his child/wife the same just because of him.
Raise above humanity, at least you will achieve humanity.

Well, trying to get a humor out of this post



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