My Friends- Part 2

Well this blog is very personal to me and for my dear ones. As I blogged in the earlier post, The best way to show love to my friends is to show more love 🙂 In this blog, I blog about the friendship which really matters.



From left to right, here I go.

Bhavi 🙂

This friend of mine is my chaddi buddy. Now staying abroad managing his business. I made him come to my senior high school convincing his dad and our friendship grew more. Dildaar baccha hai yeh, A friend who is abroad but still talks to me on phone at least weekly once for hours.

What I liked about you: Honesty

Preeti Maam 🙂

An author friend of mine, One of the best authors I have ever seen. And one of the most humble in social media. I have not met her in person, but her social media presence and politeness matters a lot.

What I liked about you: Politeness

Neha 🙂

One of the most awesome people I have ever seen, a strong girl but sweet one with a cute loving child. Her stories inspire me and perhaps a very good friend I have.

What I liked about you: Being Strong

Sud 🙂

This beautiful girl is one matured girl with bollywoodish. She definitely can be a model 🙂  One of the beautiful girl in my friendslist. I always tell her that she looks beautiful in whatever she wears 🙂 gosh! how much times did I call her beautiful 🙂

What I liked about you: Bollywoodish,Bold &  Beautiful

Chai 🙂

And here is my sis, a sis from far away . a sis after two years of bro-sis relationship met me in person on raksha bandhan day . wow ! She is cute and definitely more more sweet than I ever thought she could be 🙂 I am with you babe.

What I liked about you: Cuteness 

Cheth 🙂

And here is my blogging inspiration, Mr Designer com Blogger com Photographer. He was the part of my all blogging journey right from the start . A real blogger and guess what he is a twitter celeb 🙂

What I liked about you: Inspirational

I will cover more friends in my next post. Hope this made you smile. 🙂



Oh yes! I like you when you talk!

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