Teachers Who Really Made Sense In My Life

Teachers are those gems. For many, we get fruits from their lessons and digest it to get energy and use that energy to move and once we move from a to b, we forget the ‘a’. Sadly, I am the one in those many. I miss my teachers now. Wish I had a mobile phone when I was a kid, like most of the kids now.

Ever, If I had a chance to meet them again to show gratitude for what they are to me, I would be the most happiest. But may be this post will reach to them through internet and bring them at least a smile.

I would like to thank the below gems on this teachers day:

Evelyn D’souza , maam,St Victors, One of the first teacher in my school. Helped me saying that ‘even gandhi made mistakes’ when I forged my parents approval signature for not completing my homework and I was caught for that because some tall girl caught it and complained 🙂 Gosh! Nowadays , parents are notified in email and sms, Thank god I was not born now.

English Class Teacher 5 grade,St victors, One of the cutest maam ever. Imagine when your mom complains to your teacher saying that her son has less marks than her daughter and teacher reply’s back saying that ‘don’t compare with marks, she will know how tough is 5th grade, she is just 3rd grade now’ 🙂 Cool isn’t it.

Bindu Nair Maam, Little Lilly School ,Perhaps our 9th grade class teacher, One of the kindest ever. I would want to say you thank you wherever you are :).

Johnson Sir, Principal. Little Lilly senior secondary school. Tough man, a person who read the potential in me to give the highest post in the college, The Head Boy. Thankful to you and grateful that I learn’t from you.

Bissy Maam, Little Lilly senior secondary school., Let me say she was the most beautiful maam ever ;). She taught us chemistry. I did annoy her much with my questions, but she was really really sweet and the most energetic teacher I have ever met.

Bindu MaamLittle Lilly senior secondary school, She was a biology teacher and assured my dad that I would surely do engineering when he came to college to give a complaint against his own son for not completing notes :). I must tell you that she was one of the most kindest I have ever met. 

Bhagyashree Maam, Engineering Maths lecturer, Sorry if i wrote your name wrong. When i scored 119/125 marks in m4 finals, Its because of her, I remember going to her chamber every 5 mins with some questions. you rock maam..

BMP Sir, Mechanical Engineering, When I wanted to give a technical paper presentation in the national level, He helped me the most and I am really grateful to him.

Robin Sharma, Writer, I read all your books .You are one of my inspiration. 

Funders and Founders, Facebook Page, I really like their infographics and they make my day.

And now lets screw some people here:

Mr Haridas Nayak, Mechanical engg, This person screwed my two subjects after he had openly challenged to fail me just because I was busy helping onam celebrations with my mallu friends and I lost attending his class. His classes sucked though. He even tried to show his power laugh talking shit about my caste though. Well, he never thought that I would be a blogger one day did he. 🙂 Wherever you are, I want to tell you dude, that you only screwed my two days because i couldn’t come out of the shock of losing two subjects in a year.

Nehru Ji,Ex PM, India I actually thought you were a good person in my childhood and also wore you as my fancy dress competition. Chacha Nehru, but now I know, you basically screwed entire India.






Oh yes! I like you when you talk!

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