Too much Inspiration-Time to rise up

Harvey from Suits-One of my favourite diplomats ever

Ok too much of inspirational books and videos and music. Now is the time I really start working on what I want. Of Course looking at my career opportunities, learning new stuffs are primary. But I may have to relook into what i am doing.

I am just playing games in the night, This FIFA game has become an addiction. Have to cut down that.

I sleep at 5am very consistently which is really not good. It wakes me up at 12pm and hence I am not able to eat my breakfast consistently again.Thats bad, thats really bad. I am not sure how much health is deteriorated due to this timeline.

I love to be disciplined but when I work towards that I wont be consistent. Of Course I am human. But still, I would like it to be a perfect day which I achieve this.

  1. Wake up at 5am
  2. Have a self journal written till 5.30am to work on the tasks today.
  3. Work on improving business analysis skills till 7am (Robin sharma says you have to work 1.30hrs every time, it increases productivity)
  4. 7am-7.30am workout and jog. Run at least 1.5kms daily with intense work out. Nope, i don’t prefer gym as of now. will wait for it a bit.
  5. Have a healthy breakfast and a nice juice.
  6. Reach office by 9.30am
  7. Reach home by 7.00pm
  8. try to cook a dish a day using internet recipes/videos.
  9. relax till 9.00pm
  10. eat dinner before 9.30pm and start working on blogs till 10.30pm
  11. Read books that are pending review till 11pm.
  12. Get to the bed before 11am

So this will be my focus.


Oh yes! I like you when you talk!

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