November End Weekend

Well, Down with cough and cold in this chilly Bangalore. I have got a new quilt to warm me up in this cold winter. This is the salary day weekend.

I watched four movies in two days.

Horrible Bosses, The secret life of Walter Mitty, The Terminal and 12 angry men.

12 angry men is the 1957 movie with only 4 scenes, court room, debate room,  rest room and Court entrance. But awesomely beautiful acting and well thought film.

Horrible bosses deals with killing the boss, thank god, i got a good boss.  But I wouldn’t mind that female boss in the movie to be in my real life.  I would have nailed her, just kidding. This film is the one of the funniest I have seen lately.  I am now waiting to see the second part. Walter Mitty was one ok ok film.It remembers me of the hobbit J

The terminal is again funny film from the legendary tom hanks. Its awesome,  i loved it.

Now, trying to get some sleep after taking the tablets n hot mutton soup. Wish I get some good sleep for a productive Sunday. Have so much blogging to do


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