Speed Killed My Room-mate

There was a disaster night which I never thought would come. I was just browsing and blogging some stuffs for my merrybrains blog and its 12.30 am when my door bell rings. I open the bolt of the door and starts to keep my computer occupied and said “Bhol Bhai, Kaisa tha office?”.  It was my roommates time to come home from office everyday. Suddenly I hear a different voice. ” This is Ashwins room right?”.  I said “yes”.  He gives me the shock of life saying “Wanted to inform that Ashwin met with an accident and is expired. He is in Tumkur Govt Hospital, Do you have his parents number”. I just knelt down to see what it was.. Hit myself to see if it was any dream.

I rushed to the hospital along with my friends, My room mate was dead lying down with 4 other bodies. I didn’t wanted to see him. I just couldn’t see his bloody dead face. I always wanted to see his smiling face.  Damn lord! There were so many criminals who don’t deserve to be in this world. Why not take them instead. My friend was one of the sweetest person and the most sweetest in his whole family.

My friend was in backseat of Maruti ritz car which flew at 150kmph,  only to hit a tractor which was in the middle of a high way that had to cross the road.My friend didnt drive it though. There were completely no brake marks in the road. The car just hit like it wanted to hit. The crash was so damn huge that the tractor engine was split into two.Three of my room mates friend were killed on spot.  Its said that my friend got up with all his power and called the ambulance. Ambulance came after 30mins along with the police. My friend was cursing his friend for driving recklessly and making a death fate. Ambulance took him to a hospital and there he stopped responding to thier treatment,  perhaps due to heavy blood clotting.

Lessons learnt:
-Indian highways are designed for 80kmph speed, not more than that.
-Medical facilities outside metro cities are shit
-A dying person has to wait for 30 mins to get ambulance.
-Don’t go to die saying you only live once when you have a good family waiting for you to live forever.


Anyways R. I. P dude. You are one sweetest person who was always by my side in all my problems. You were the best guitarist I ever know. We did so many shows in college. So many music jamming in our room. Partied together. Talked about life and plans in life.

As the linkin park says,

‘We had to fall to lose it all, but in the end it doesn’t even matter’


Oh yes! I like you when you talk!

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