Foolish Biz

So remember the times when the earth was full of trees for pure awesome oxygen? Now where are we? of course, we are in a city which was built cutting those beautiful trees which used to give that free pure oxygen . But look at you this irony, People pay twice to get the same old feeling of beautiful trees around because they know that the air they are breathing is screwed up like a porn actress .  Did business fool you? ofcourse yes!

Now lets talk about online stores! There are so many internet online stores available like flipkart for mobiles and accessories,  Big basket for your daily eatables  to name a few. Today its a hit,  because we no more have land and money to afford a physical store.  I recently read an article where it said that online businesses made twice as profit when compared to physical stores during Christmas holidays. There would be a day where you will pay twice the amount going to a store to order your need online and get delivered right there.  You would feel good for sure.  But you will know you have been fooled again.  Good luck.


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