Goal Setting- 36 Goals In 365 days

Well this was an inspired Goal setting. I promise to take a printout when I am done with doing the list and then keep updating this post every two weeks. This is fun

1.  Wakeup at 5am for 5 days continuously.

2. Read 50 books(31/50)
You can check my book reviews and book reading activities in :


and my specific challenge here .

3. Go for a solo trip

Still need to plan .

4. Meet 10 new people as part of positivity exercise. (3/10)

Met Pavithra, avid reader, wander lust and positive girl.
My friend who lives in hurricane struck St Maarteens. A strong lady…


One of my 2018 goal was to meet awesome people like Balaji Viswanathan, the most followed Quoran and CEO of Invento Robotics – famous for the MitraBot.Finally met someone so down to earth yet intellectually out of the world! We spoke about half an hour about his productivity tips, various books that he reads! Felt like I have met a living Abdul Kalam! Awesome day!

Check his profile in Quora!

Next up? Anyone want to connect and you think you are positive- feel free to connect me 🙂


5. Go for a concert.

Damn, almost forgot about this goal..

6. Get 300 subscribers in Merrybrains Youtube channel (61/300)

7. Sing and Record 10 new songs (7/10)

you can check my recordings at:


8. Start a music youtube channel

Finally created MerryBrains Vlog and added a video too.
Check the channel here.

9. Own a DSLR camera

Wow. This is something awesome 🙂 Finally got a sony a6300 mirrorless with 4k video recording- loving it 🙂


10. Reach 70kgs with a desirable body .

  • Started hitting the gym 🙂 Going good.

11. Get featured in a famous youtube channel

Way behind.

12. Create 2 Lic policies

Damn! The IT returns.. 😦

13. Create a gallery wall in my study room

  • Started with a gallery wall. Will add pictures to it!
  • Started adding some pictures

14. Attend a quora meetup 

15. Meet Quora celebrities- GV or balaji Vishwanathan (Done)

Met Balaji sir.

16. Keep up the journal (failed)

17. Plan a trip abroad

  • This goal is just planning 🙂

18. Achieve the targeted revenue in merrybrains book blog.(15/100%)

  • Its going good.

19. Learn Guitar.

Way Behind 😦

20. Upgrade the balcony

  • I did some upgrades but the plants are drying
  • Need some fresh upgrades.

21. Attend 2 productivity group meetups!

22. Healthy Hair (On track)

  • Well, I think i have been consistent in keeping it ..

23. Cook 5 new dishes (4/5)

Chicken chilli- Malabar style

Fish fry 🙂

Prawns Semolina Fry


Crab Sukka – Mangalore style 🙂


24. At least 3 Random act of kindness

25. Restart craft works

26. Start painting 🙂


27. Get one professional certification.

Done- Safe Agile Practitioner 

28. Start practicing football again.

  • Found a team to practice

29. Plan a family trip

  • Planning one 🙂

30. Complete a course in udemy

Not yet 😦

31. Complete 10 animation videos

On track- 2/10

32. Write 10 linked-in articles

way out of track- Not started yet.

33. Write at-least 20 merry brains blog articles

On track- Surely on track 🙂

Visit this site for more 🙂


34. Go to Adiyogi -Isha foundation

Not yet- perhaps a solo trip here would make sense ? 🙂

35. Practice Minimalism

Doing this actively 🙂


Oh yes! I like you when you talk!

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