Karnataka Circus- 2018

Karnataka Verdict is a SLAP on Face of DIVISIVE Cambridge Analytica strategy, Lutyens Medias ugly CASTEIST, Anti National Agenda & the FAILED DESPERATE attempt at Impeachment of CJI, AND mockery made of Hindus & Hindu Religion.

Congratulations Modi! but one shouldn’t forget to thank Rahul and Prakash for your failed losers campaign!

The people of Karnataka has chosen BJP now- it’s clear. but as you all know JDS-Congress Coalition happened out of the blue- Kumaraswamy who portrayed as Anti-congress went and stood together with congress. That’s what power brings – everything out and JDS has been quite famous for betraying coalition and their own voters

and its 2nd prize student is trying to give 1st prize to the 3rd prize student.

or how Ramesh Srivats tweets: I am thinking that if Delhi Daredevils and Royal Challengers Bengaluru form a coalition with Shreyas Iyer as captain and Kohli as Deputy captain, their combined tally of 16 points should take them to the playoffs.

and guess what- the horse trading should start and BJP is not very innocent here.

They why should Congress complain about horse trading?? The congress has traded our nation all these while. Mani Shankar Aiyar and Ramya tried to trade with Pakistan Government to break Indian government and what not. Let Amit Shah try to buy MLA’s. Hook or Crook- BJP needs to be in the State, Modi needs to stay in the center for the betterment of India.
But how can you justify trading?
okay for a moment let’s not justify trading.
Is JDS not doing the same now? If its Coalition – why not a coalition party before polling? JDS should be in power and Congress will be in power- win-win for both…

now what if MLA’s in JDS or congress don’t like each other- they opt for BJP. After all they want power- what is wrong with that?

Had JDS-Congress formed a coalition before polling- BJP would have easily occupied 150+…

They gathered votes by abusing each other here 🙂 and guess who are fools?? The people who voted for Congress and JDS

But there are people claiming that they believe in strong regional party and whining about Centre being partial to Karnataka.

Note the below facts:

  • While Congress-led UPA granted Rs 88 thousand crore under the 13th Finance Commission.
  • The NDA government, under the 14th Finance Commission, sanctioned Rs 2.19 lakh crore and
  • again, in the BJP (Modi) rule- Karnataka government got 3 lakh crores.


And there are claims that BJP leaders in Karnataka is not useful, though I don’t deny that completely but I trust the man in center who makes this useless to useful.

It’s better to have a Lion as a leader for an army of sheeps than have a sheep as a leader of an army of lions

Karnataka deserved Modi-BJP rule but few intellectuals seem to want a strong regional leader instead. HD Kumaraswamy is not a strong regional leader- he is a spineless camouflage who can’t keep his words. And guess what they call JDS the strong regional leader and leader for Karnataka government despite garnering lowest vote share in 20 years 🙂 Strong regional party and leader
He will still show his true color after happily taking all the centre funds and then blame Modi- because guess what… you can blame modi for anything and fools will still enjoy doing!

and for someone who keeps blaming Modi – here is my small post 🙂


Sprint Retrospective Time:

Scrum Master: Let’s talk what went wrong and why did the sprint fail.

Developer: I mistakenly erased many DB tables and data and didn’t have a backup and I can’t revert to old tables 😦

Scrum master: so that means?

Developer: that means. it’s evident- Modi is to be blamed.

Scrum Master: WTF, how can you blame Modi for your silly mistake?

Developer: Modi can be blamed for anything. He is meant to take the blame. Come-on, lets proceed.

Scrum Master: Okay, I have added the action points.

Action Points:
1. Modi needs to make sure that he has a copy of our database structure so that in case of failure, we should be able to retrieve from there.
2. Modi to make sure this doesn’t happen again or else we will vote Rahul Gandhi 😀




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